Archiv Produktion

Archiv Produktion is a subsidiary label of Deutsche Grammophon founded in 1948.  Initially, the label specialised in recordings of Early and Baroque music. It has since developed a particular focus on "historically informed performance" and the work of artists of the Early music revival movement of the 20th and 21st centuries. Archiv Produktion's first recording was of Helmut Walcha playing Bach, released in 1948.

Handel: The Dettingen Te Deum; The Dettingen Anthem

Simon Preston, Chior of Westminster Abbey

Haydn: Concertos for Oboe, Trumpet & Harpsichord

Paul Goodwin, Mark Bennett, Trevor Pinnock

Haydn: Concertos for Oboe, Trumpet, Harpsichord

Goodwin, Bennett, Pinnock

Haydn: Missa in Angustiis 'Nelson Mass'; Te Deum

Trevor Pinnock, Felicity Lott, Carolyn Watkinson