YesLet Canada is an all-Canadian company - with a collection of CDs, LPs,  Cassette Tapes & Laser Discs. It's easy for you to find the listing that you want here on and buy direct!! We have a great store with excellent service, payments via PayPal and shipping support by Canada Post. And when you join, purchasing becomes super easy ... no more filling in shipping address details; and all subsequent purchases receive a 10% discount. We protect your privacy by only collecting the minimum amount of information needed to provide our shipping services and leaving the financial transaction to PayPal. Our customer list is private and not shared. (See menu item Membership for more info...)


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LPs -YesLet Canada specializes in LPs from the golden age of vinyl - not recent pressings or remastered reissues, but the real thing! We search out albums that are rare, interesting, historic, obscure... with a common element of high quality...and we describe them as accurately as possible so the buyer knows what to expect. With over 2,000 LP listings, and 5,000 more on the way, you have lots of choice. We ship promptly, using top quality materials and techniques. Our prices are always reasonable, reflecting the importance, quality and condition of the product.





CDs - With more than 3,000 listings, YesLet gives you a broad range of CDs that have one common attribute - quality. And eventually, we will list our full collection of more than 20,000 CD titles!

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CASSETTE TAPES - Who has cassette tapes these days?  We do! We are especially fond of Chrome Dioxide media, but many of the XDR and ferrous stand up well over time, too. When balanced carefully, your deck can really bring these performances back to life. And many of the tapes that we feature were never re-done in other formats.

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LASERDISCS - Our library runs to several hundred laserdiscs, mostly in the field of classical music and opera. With laserdiscs, you can experience live, historical performances as if you were right there! For the collector, we provide an ideal source of superb quality discs that have become increasingly rare. And we have some rare pop discs and the odd movie, too!

We have set up our store with a number of superior features:

  • Clear format listings

  • Detailed information about each album

  • Several search formats that give you easy access to the listings

  • A Big Listings Page 

  • A Birthdays of Note Page
  • Actual album photos

  • Reasonable shipping costs

  • Personal customer service 

  • On-line payments through PayPal

  • Off-line payments by Bank Transfer


Our listings include some categories and items that are very hard to find elsewhere:

Canadian LPs - small labels, independents, local jazz, local classical, early releases, church and school choirs

Sealed Albums - across a variety of styles and genres

Signed Albums - authentic albums that have been in the artist's actual hands

Laser Discs - bring-your-own-player... we've got the discs!

Deletes and Promos - Present or future classics - of interest to collectors.