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YesLet Canada has been a seller of CDs, books, records, tapes and laserdiscs on Amazon.ca Marketplace since 2013.  YesLet has compiled an outstanding profile on Amazon:  thousands of sales and a 100% customer satisfaction rating, something almost unheard-of in the media sales category!  We continue to sell on Amazon.ca Marketplace and we encourage you to "Add YesLet to your Amazon search".  But it's even easier for you to find the listing that you want here on YesLet.ca and buy it direct!! We have a great store with excellent service and shipping support by Canada Post - the best available (imho)!  And when you join, purchasing becomes super easy ...  no more filling in shipping address details. &nbsp See menu item Details for more on what information we keep.
The home of INTERESTING LPs -YesLet Canada specializes in LPs from the golden age of vinyl - not recent pressings or remastered reissues, but the real thing!  We search out albums that are rare, interesting, historic, obscure... with a common element of high quality...and we describe them as accurately as possible so the buyer knows what to expect.  With over 5,000 LP listings, and 5,000 more on the way, you have lots of choice. We ship promptly, using top quality materials and techniques.  Our prices are always reasonable, reflecting the importance, quality and condition of the product.   
The home of INTERESTING CDs - With more than 9,000 listings, YesLet gives you a broad range of CDs that have one common attribute - quality.  And eventually, we will list our full collection of more than 20,000 CD titles!

The home of INTERESTING Laserdiscs - Our library runs to several hundred laserdiscs, mostly in the field of classical music and opera. With laserdiscs, you can experience live, historical performances as if you were right there! For the collector, we provide an ideal source of superb quality discs that have become increasingly rare. And we have some rare pop discs and the odd movie, too!

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